Traveling for Spring Break? Don’t forget to check out our NEW Debit Card Control Features and to let us know before you GO so we can help keep your debit card safe. Read on for more travel tips.

Travel TIPS + Bonus* NEW Card Control Features

  1. Be Aware of Travel Scams

Scammers prey on the excitement of travel season. Make sure to perform your own searches and research instead of relying on an email message from someone you don’t know.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

Friends and family can be a great source of information when planning your trip. Save time planning by asking for their recommendations on places to visit or eat.

  1. Build a Budget

Knowing your personal travel budget gives you financial security when planning a trip. Traveling affordably ensures that memories last longer than travel debt.

  1. Create a Travel Schedule

Planning ahead allows you to tell your friends and family where you will be and when you’ll be there, but don’t share your plans on social media. A travel schedule also allows you to stick to your budget and to take advantage of all the area has to offer.

  1. Review Debit Card Control features and let us know before you GO!

Review Debit Card Control Features

Under “Documents & Settings” with our mobile app or online banking:

-Click “Manage Cards”

-Click on Card

-Review options withing Security & Settings

🛡️Fraud Protection: Take control of your financial security! Set custom alerts and report lost or stolen cards instantly. Your peace of mind is our priority.

🔒 Uninterrupted Card Use: Travel notifications allow your debit card to work for you no matter where your adventures take you. Before you GO, complete the Travel Notification section within the app or through online banking.

💸 Flexible Spending: Handle increased travel costs with ease! Review our on-the-go card control features and experience expanded access to your account balances.


Already have online banking but not our app? Download our app now. Current app users can begin to experience the ultimate control over your debit card today.

Still have questions? We’re here for you.

Safe travels!

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