Holly and Diane at TIP

MCB staff help children with financial literacy games at Thursdays in Pella.

2019 Queen and court

MCB gives the Tulip Court college scholarships and sponsors the annual media day in Des Moines.

Knoxvile Customer Lunch

Fun at the Customer Appreciation lunch in Knoxville.

Students officers shootout 2019

Pella and Pella Christian students and local police officers earn $3,000 as a result of the annual halftime shootout.

President Steve PCGS 2nd Grade

Students touring MCB.  A highlight is going into the bank vault and asking President Steve questions.

Since 1935, Marion County Bank has been supporting the communities it serves through staff volunteerism, financial education, business support and donations.  Our customers, our staff and future generations benefit when our communities thrive.  We're proud to support local business and the health, education and recreation, mission and service organizations that make our communities a better place to live.

Our program called "The Report Card" is another way we show our community bank philosophy.  The Report Card empowers our customers to support their favorite local school each time a purchase is made with their Marion County Bank Debit Card.  Card holders swipe and Marion County Bank makes the donation.  This program is a powerful way to make a difference our schools.

Find out how much your school has earned through The Report Card and sign up today!