Congratulations to Shannon Long on graduating from the Iowa School of Banking.

Shannon attended the school in June of 2022 and 2023 and completed an intercession project between the two years.

“I was able to get a full picture of how a bank functions,” said Shannon. “I am familiar with the Retail side of banking, but getting to see functions of other departments, and how a bank operates as a whole was very valuable.”

Shannon graduated with 44 other bankers and joins other Marion County Bank staff as an alumni of the school. “I appreciate the leadership team at Marion County Bank for providing me with the opportunity to continue to learn and grow in my banking career. It was great to make connections with others that attended the school and I now have a network of other Iowa Community Bankers going forward.”

The Iowa School of Banking is a two year program. The school’s mission is to teach bankers to understand the business of managing a bank, employees, financial decisions, how bank departments are inter-related, and the economic environment of the business of banking.

Thank you to the Iowa Bankers Association for organizing and developing educational opportunities like the Iowa School of Banking and their commitment to the Iowa banking industry.

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