Teaching our children to save is one of the best ways we can set them up for a lifetime of financial success, but how do we do that in an engaging way? Start simple and don't overcomplicate it.

Involving your children in age appropriate financial discussions can have a huge impact. Whether it's balancing your checking account and paying bills or more significant discussions about taking out a loan or saving for college, allowing them to join in these conversations can teach them real life examples of how to save and manage their money. Below are some great activities and resources for having these discussions and teaching these important lessons. Click on the worksheet below to download or print the pdf for your child.

Worksheet Activities

Needs v Wants coloring sheet   Cut and color savings jar wraps  spot the difference banking
 Needs Vs Wants Coloring Activity
Help your child identify what we need
to spend money on versus what we
want to spend money on.

 Cut & Color Savings Jar Wraps
Cut out the jar wrappers and color
them to decorate jars that your child
can use for budgeting their money for 
various spending/saving goals.

 Spot the Difference Banking Worksheet
Find the 10 differences between the
two scenes in the bank.

Developing a Habit of Savings

Budgeting for RW Worksheet


Developing a Habit of Saving
A great discussion tool for talking to 
older children about the ways they can
save and make it a priority.
Budgeting for the Real World Worksheet
Use this worksheet to help your child
practice budgeting for real life expenses.


Keep the Conversation Going

Here are some helpful links to start the conversation about spending and saving with your child, or keep it going. 

Personal Finance Tips for Young Children
How to Talk to Your Kids About Money
Top 10 Personal Finance Tips for College Students

All pdfs and links are sourced from the American Bankers Association.