Have convenience at your fingertips with a Marion County Bank Shazam® Debit Card.  Your Shazam® Debit Card may look like a credit card, but it’s not.  It’s an electronic card that you can use like an ATM card or like a check to make a cash purchases that are electronically deducted from your account.

A Marion County Bank Debit Card allows you to:
  • Make purchases at millions of locations that accept Shazam®, MasterCard® or Cirrus®
  • Withdraw money free of charge at Marion County Bank ATMs or withdraw at any ATM around the world wherever you see the Shazam®, MasterCard® Debit Cards or Cirrus® symbols
  • Can't make it to an ATM?  Many merchants allow you to get cash back while using your debit card to make purchases.
  • Free security protection with Falcon Fraud Manager on every Marion County Bank debit card.
  • Have peace of mind with zero liability for confirmed fraudulent purchase activity
  • Support your favorite local school with our Report Card Debit Card Rewards program


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