Greater simplicity, easier navigation, more control and FREE to use, enjoy these great features of Bill Pay:

  • Schedule Payment by Due Dates.  Bill Pay allows you to enter the date you would like the biller to receive your payment and takes care of getting it there on time.
  • Pay from Multiple Bank Accounts.  You get to choose which checking account to pay your bills from, making managing multiple accounts even easier.
  • Make Recurring Payments.  Eliminate the hassle of paying your monthly bills by setting up recurring payments.  This is a great option for payments that don't change from month to month, such as your car payment or mortgage.
  • See it all at a Glance.  The Payment Center lets you make payments and view pending payments, recent payments and bill reminders all on the same screen.
  • Same day and next day rush delivery available.  See details below.  Please note that additional fees apply with your consent.

To use Internet Bill Pay:

  • Log into Marion County Bank's Internet Banking.
  • Select Bill Pay from the menu.
  • Add company, select payment date, insert dollar amount, choose account to pay from...and you're done!

Bill Pay can also be used through our Mobile Banking App.

To Sign-up:
Current InternetBank customers can sign up for Bill Pay through their InternetBank account.  Simply click the Bill Pay tab from the top menu and follow the steps.

If you are not a current InternetBank customer, click here!


Rush Delivery is available within Bill Pay

Did you forget to pay a bill?  Marion County Bank’s Bill Pay service now allows Rush Delivery.  When in Bill Pay, the option for rush delivery will appear under the ‘Deliver By’ calendar date.

Rush delivery is done via same-day bill payment or overnight check payment.

Same-Day Bill Payment – Today’s date will be available when scheduling payments to participating billers.  Your payment will be submitted electronically to your biller.

  • Available on hundreds of participating billers.
  • $9.95 per payment.
  • Cutoff times vary by participating biller.  If same-day credit is not available for a specific biller, today’s date will not be an available option when scheduling payments.

Rush Bill Payments with Overnight Checks – If your biller is not participating in Same-Day Bill Payment, you can still rush payment with the Overnight Check Bill Payment feature.  Overnight Check Bill Payment is simple and does not require that your payee participate in acceptance of electronic payments. 

  • $14.95 per overnight bill payment.

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