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Whether purchasing, refinancing or improving your home, Marion County Bank can develop a plan just for you! Loan decisions are made locally and quickly.  We have a wide variety of options, extensive knowledge of the local housing market, and a solid relationship with the area realtors and attorneys who can make the process easy for you! 

Fixed Rate Mortgages

A mortgage where the interest rate is locked for the entire term of the loan.  Typically, 15, 20, or 30 years are standard options.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM)

A mortgage where the interest rate is locked for one, three, five or seven years and then will adjust each year remaining.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Whatever your goal is for refinancing your mortgage, our experts can help you find potential ways to:

  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Consolidate debt
  • Pay off your mortgage sooner
  • Get cash out of your home

Refinancing that's right for you:

Our no closing cost refinance loan is the popular choice for refinancing without paying closing costs.  Contact Diane or Ryan about a no closing cost refinance today!

Prequalify Now - Complete our online form to get your refinance started.

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Construction Loans

A line of credit that you draw from to cover the costs of building a new home.  Interest accrues on only the money you have drawn. These loans feature unlimited draws within your credit line - and competitive rates and minimal paperwork!

First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account

A First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account (FTHSA) is a new type of savings account passed by the Iowa legislature to make purchasing a first home easier.  The law allows Iowans to make tax-deductible contributions into a First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account to be used for the purchase of a home.  Those who already own a home can open and contribute to an account for a designated first-time homebuyer and receive a tax deduction on Iowa state taxes too.

The FTHSA is a brand new account that will be available starting January 2, 2018 at Marion County Bank.  Consult your tax or legal professional for definitive legal guidelines and instructions or view the Iowa Legislature's State Senate File 505 for details of the law.

Account Benefits at Marion County Bank:

Interest Earning -

  • The FTHSA at Marion County Bank is interest earning.  Contact Customer Service for current rate.

Iowa Tax Benefits -

  • The account holder may claim a deduction for Iowa individual income tax made during the year by the account holder.  The amount deducted may not exceed $2,000 a year.  Married taxpayers who file a joint return may deduct up to $4,000 a year if the FTHSA is opened and maintained as a joint account.
  • Interest earned on account balances is also exempt from Iowa income tax.
  • The state of Iowa tax deduction for account contributions is available for up to ten years.
  • The annual deduction limits are adjusted annually for inflation.  

Home Purchasing Navigation -

  • Purchasing a first home is an exciting and often daunting process.  Our Home Loan experts at Marion County Bank are available to help you or your account beneficiary walk through the steps of account opening, loan pre-qualification, and mortgage product guidance.  Contact Marion County Bank to start the home purchasing journey.

Other Loan Products

We also provide Rural Development Loans, First-Time Homebuyer Loans, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans, and VA Loans for Veterans.

Get Started Now:

Apply Now Our online mortgage application center is convenient and secure. Apply for preapproval, refinancing or purchases by using our online application. The online mortgage center also allows you to view the status of your loan at anytime.  Complete your application and we will be in contact with you soon to continue the process.
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