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Debit Cards


Making purchasing easier

Many of us use our debit cards every day. They make purchasing simple both in person and online and allow you to access your accounts at ATMs across the country. Marion County Bank VISA® debit card benefits include:

  • EMV-chip technology for enhanced security.
  • Marion County Bank’s free “Card Sentry” program offers extra protection.
  • Zero liability on confirmed fraud purchases.
  • Enroll in the Report Card Debit Card Program to have a portion of your purchases donated to the local school of your choice.

Stop into one of our offices to request a debit card for your Marion County Bank accounts.

Connect With Us

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the Report Card

With enrollment in The Report Card, your Marion County Bank Debit Card purchases benefit local schools. There's no cost to you to enroll, Marion County Bank makes the donation, and your school gets cash - with no strings attached. It's a great way to make a difference in our schools - together!

  1. Get the Card - All you need is a Marion County Bank checking account and debit card. If you don't have one simply call 641-628-2191 or visit one of our Retail Bankers today!
  2. Enroll - Register your card and your school below
  3. Earn - Begin making purchases with your Marion County Bank Debit Card and earn money for your school. It's that easy!

Register your debit card to support your favorite school here:

Enroll in the report card

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  • Select the school of your choice

Traveling with your debit card

Ready to travel? Help us ensure your trip doesn't experience any financial turbulence.

Follow the Important Travel Tips below and complete our Debit Card Travel Form. This will help ensure your card will perform as expected and that we can continue to monitor legitimate and fraudulent activity that may occur on your debit card, no matter where your travels may take you.  

Important Travel Tips:
  • Travel Tips
    • Daily Purchase & ATM Withdrawal Limits: For your protection, debit cards have daily purchase and ATM withdrawal limits that can be increased, if needed. Please contact our Card Services Department at 641-628-2191 to make a temporary increase.
    • Make sure you have multiple forms of payment with you while traveling.
    • Use your debit card as a debit card with a PIN when possible.
    • If you are driving to your vacation destination, please list states you will be traveling through in the Debit Card Travel Form
  • International Travel
    • Review applicable "Travel Tips" above.
    • Savings accounts are not accessible at international ATMs.
    • Please contact our Card Services Department at 641-628-2191 and provide a current email address
    • Confirm if your cell phone will be able to receive text and calls while traveling
  • Important Contacts
    • Lost/Stolen Debit Card Contact: 641-628-2191

Debit card travel form

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  • If you have an additional debit card with the same travel plans, enter that information in the remaining fields of the form. If not, submit the completed form now.

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