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Beginning Monday, May 19 the security for Internet Banking will change.  When logging into Marion County Bank’s Internet Bank, whether on your computer, tablet or phone, you currently see your unique image that helps you identify potential security issues.   The new security will no longer show this unique image, but instead will include three layers of behind-the-scenes security to protect you and your financial account login. 

Our new security is based on your login credentials, the device and your geographic location. 

RSA Images in Orange

Your login credentials are the first step in keeping your account safe.  Be sure to create a strong password to include letters, numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase.  Strong passwords are difficult to break.  When you log in our sites will continue to show the https (s is for secure) and in addition will show a green bar on the site’s URL area to indicate safety. 

Our new security will also profile the device from which you are accessing our site.  This technology will determine whether a device used for a given activity is a device that is typically used by the user, or if the device has been connected to previous fraudulent activities by analyzing operating system version and browser type and version. 

Lastly, the system will identify risk with your geographic location based off Wi-Fi, cell tower triangulation and GPS. 

If the new security system finds any anomalies in these categories, your secret challenge questions will be used as a final step of protection. 

If you have any questions about our updated security system, please call Marion County Bank at 641-628-2191. 

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