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The HeartBleed Bug has been a hot topic in the news this week.  The heartbleed bug is basically a vulnerability in a popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.  Many websites using the OpenSSL authentication program are vulnerable to a hack that allows criminals to extract random password information from the affect web servers.  One report listed that approximately 66% of all websites use the OpenSSL certificate and may be affected.  To read more visit HeartBleed Bug.

How is Marion County Bank handling this news?

Our websites received a patch within hours of the announcement.  The security update was successfully applied and as an extra precaution, we are changing our passwords as recommended.

We strongly encourage our customers to change their passwords regularly.  Now would be a good time to strengthen your passwords to include letters, numbers and symbols.  Changing the passwords to you online accounts quickly deters hackers for targeting your information and is an easy way to protect yourself.

To change your password on Internet Bank, log on to your account.  Select “services” and then “change password” from the left menu bar.  Changing your password on your computer will also change the password on our Touch Banking app.

Don’t forget other important sites, such as your credit card account, your investment accounts and any other important health, wealth or online shopping accounts you may have.

Changing your password is an easy way to protect yourself from the heartbleed bug and other criminal internet activity.