During National Ag Week, Marion County Bank recognizes and celebrates the contributions that farmers and their families provide to our local communities and the broader economy.

The first days of Spring bring a reminder of renewal. A renewed sense of opportunity, and specifically for our ag producers, a renewed land for the upcoming growing season.

“Farmers are nearing planting season. A season where they return to working directly with creation,” said Sr. Vice President of Credit Administration, David Greving. “Marion County Bank is proud to be a bank that serves all those connected with the local ag economy. That is one of the reasons we have a great team of full-time ag lenders, processors, and retail bankers ready to serve their needs in Pella and Knoxville.”

Brian Hauser, current Ag Loan Officer working in our Pella location, was raised a farm kid. He recognizes the value they provide is not just the harvested products. “I am proud to partner with our ag producers,” said Hauser. “Their success supports the growth of our local economy.”

Trey Sathoff, also a Ag Loan officer working in our Pella location, has worked with farmers on a number of different levels. “I am blessed to work with farmers & their families,” said Sathoff. “They sacrifice so that we can enjoy a table full of food and a closet full of clothes.”

Robert Poppe is our Ag Loan officer in our Knoxville location. He brings a broad perspective on the challenges that farmers can face. “Farmers can experience a lot of ups and downs. I really enjoy working as an advocate and being a source of education, no matter what the current season.”   

Marion County Bank is proud to be an ag bank and proud to honor farmers and farming families.  We are committed serving your ag banking needs.

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