Our bankers have turned “bracketologists.” Check out these five banking/bracketology take-a-ways and tips as we look forward to the tournament.

  1. Home Loan Department

Josh Nelson – Residential Loan Officer


“I love working with someone entering the bracket pool for the first time. So much excitement in the room on the day they sign their bracket.”


First-time homebuyers are always full of excitement as they sign their closing documents on the day they purchase their first home. It’s one of our favorite moments to witness. Ready to by your first home? Check out our mortgage lending page and apply now.

Mortgage Lending

  1. Operations Department

Barb Wilson – Operations


“If you’re filling out a paper bracket, make sure your name and picks are clear and complete. This helps ensure you get full credit.”


Writing clear and complete information on deposited items helps ensure they are deposited to the correct account for the correct amount. Using mobile deposit? Check out our mobile deposit page for details on how to endorse your check.

Mobile Deposit

  1. Retail Banking

Amber Angove – Retail Banker


“Digital bracketology allows you to see results anytime and anywhere. I’ll help get you set up!”


Internet and mobile banking allows you to access your account information from the convenience of your computer, tablet or smartphone. Sign up for FREE Digital Banking by visiting our Digital Banking Services page.

Digital Banking Services: Internet & Mobile Banking

  1. Teller

Kayla Pothoven – Teller


“Talking to people about their brackets is all about building relationships. Sometimes we can even guess their picks.”


We love to get to know you and build relationships. Our tellers are great about learning your name and how you prefer to do your banking business. Visit them today at any of our five locations.

Bank Locations

  1. Marketing

Jacki Newendorp – Marketing Officer


“Did you know you can nickname your brackets? It’s a good way to have some fun & stay organized.”


Within internet banking you can rename your accounts to help you stay organized. Once logged in, follow these steps:

    1. Click Manage Profile under your name (top left)
    2. Under Application Settings, select “Rename Accounts”
    3. Rename your accounts and select “SAVE” at the bottom

If you have questions on these steps, feel free to reach out to our Retail Banking team. They can’t make the changes on their end, but can help you walk through these steps.

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