April is National Financial Literacy Month and to celebrate we've gathered some helpful financial wellness tips below to consider in your own personal financial journey. As always, if you have any questions contact us and we'll help you with any part of your financial journey. 

Financial Wellness Tips: 
- Assess your situation. Create or revise your budget to identify changes you can make both in the short term and in the future.
- Don't overspend. Spending more than you earn each month will only bury you deeper in debt.
- Create a budget. Track your income/expense to identify what changes you can make. A budget is the best tool in your financial toolbox.
- Cut unneccessary expenses. Eliminating or reducing small expenses can add up quickly.
- Pay off credit card balances. Relying too much on credit cards can get you into trouble. Pay the balances in full each month.
- SAVE! Save for retirement; save for emergencies; save for yourself. You won't regret having money saved for when you really need it.
- Make a plan to pay off debt. Consider using the snowball method: Once you eliminate a debt, apply that monthly payment to another debt to pay it off more quickly.
- Regularly examine your budget. Expenses can fluctuate month to month. Review your budget each month to see how well you're following it.