As you make plans to travel over spreak break, don't forget to consider your financial security while you're away.  No one wants to be caught off guard while they're traveling. Check out our financial security travel tips as you plan your spring break getaway.

1. LET US KNOW BEFORE YOU GO – Notifying us before you travel helps us monitor legitimate and fraudulent activity on your debit card. Use this form to inform us of your out-of-state and international travel plans.

2. USE YOUR DEBIT CARD WITH ITS PIN – Using your debit card with a PIN reduces the potential for fraud.

3. ADD THESE IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS TO YOUR CONTACTS – If you need these, you will have the ready.

a. Marion County Bank – 641-628-2191
b. Shazam Falcon Fraud – 1-866-508-2693 (use Falcon Fraud to report debit card fraud)
c. Shazam’s 24/7 Line – 1-800-383-8000 (call to report a lost or stolen debit card at any time)

4. KNOW YOUR LIMITS – For your protection, debit cards have daily purchase and ATM withdrawal limits that can be increased, if needed. Please call our Card Services Department at 641-628-2191 to make a temporary increase.

5. TRAVEL WITH MORE THAN ONE FORM OF PAYMENT – Don’t depend on just one card; be prepared with a Marion County Bank credit card and debit card in the event your primary form is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.