As a service to you, MasterCard will require all financial institutions to participate in an Account Updater Service, known by MasterCard as Automatic Billing Updater (ABU).  ABU will provide updates to your selected merchants who maintain your Marion County Bank debit card information on file, to process your preauthorized payments. 

Examples of these merchants include subscription services or utility companies, etc.  This service is only for recurring payment merchants and will be added to personal, business and HSA debit cards.

This service will allow participating merchants to receive your updated card information due to account changes, like the expiration date.  Automated updating eliminates the worry of interrupted service which could result in associated fees and/or fines from your recurring merchants.

While we feel that participation in MasterCard ABU is a benefit to you as a Marion County Bank cardholder, we are providing you with the ability to opt-out of this free service should you choose not to participate.  To participate in this service, simply disregard this notice.
To Opt-out of Automatic Billing Updater: