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Iowa has always been a world leader in agricultural production. Marion County Bank is here to assist farmers and help with their financial needs, from loans to help finance the operation of the farm to more specific areas such as livestock, machinery purchases, and farm real estate.

At Marion County Bank, our seasoned lending staff is skilled at helping you identify the credit requirements needed to take your operation to the next level. We offer a straightforward application process with fast, in-house decisions to get you the needed funds in a timely manner. Below is a list of some of the agricultural loans we can assist you with:

Operating Loans and Lines of Credit

Manage your cash flow more effectively with a line of credit that you can access instantly, pay down and use again as needed.

Machinery Equipment Loans

When it's time to replace or expand your existing machinery and equipment, these loans are the ideal choice. Terms of these loans are typically five years or less, and the frequency and timing of payments are tailored to fit your farm's cash flow patterns.

Livestock Loans

Livestock loans are used to finance the purchase and/or feeding of market or breeding livestock. Repayment terms vary; loans for feeder livestock come due near the expected marketing date for the livestock being fed, while loans for breeding livestock are due annually based upon the species and age of the breeding livestock being purchased.

Livestock Facility Loans

Many of our farm customers choose to include livestock in their operation as independent producers or contract feeders. Livestock operations can utilize excess labor, diversify risk, produce steady and more predictable cash flows and provide fertilizer alternatives for your farming operation. Loan terms and repayment schedules are matched very closely to projected cash flows and useful life of the facility.

Real Estate Loans

Farm real estate loans from Marion County Bank are a popular choice with our customers. They are useful when expanding your operation by purchasing additional ground or by using equity in your farm real estate to provide funds for other capital projects. Payments on our real estate loans are typically based on maturities of twenty years or less. Special interest rates are often available to beginning farmers.