Marion County Bank first opened its doors for business on September 21, 1935. While we have grown to become the largest bank headquartered in Marion County, one thing hasn't changed – we were locally owned in 1935 and we remain that way today.

This unique combination of size and local management allows us to provide our customers with a full-service, modern banking environment in a personal and community-minded way. Our banking decisions are made here...on site, a distinct advantage for our customers and community. Your business records and investments stay Marion County.

We're proud of our history and success, but we understand our growth and success are fueled by our customers' successes. No bank can endure unless its customer base is viable and successful. Each day we work hard to nurture our customers and communities, and, in return, they nurture us.

We have been the area's leading community bank since 1935.  Throughout our existence we have had the same name and the same location, a unique trait that shows our stability and strength.  We have lived through the nation's economic challenges and prosperous times, and through it all we remain community minded and customer focused.

The foundation of our business sits on the strong relationships we have built. Our bankers are loyal to their customers and always available for a face to face meeting. The confidence our customers have in Marion County Bank grows from this loyalty, and is the key to successful community banking.

Local Ownership
Pella Financial Group is a group of local investors who own Marion County Bank. This group purchased Marion County Bank from the Vermeer family in 2000. Included in the Pella Financial Group, is the bank's Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This ownership style keeps the decisions and mission of the bank focused locally.

Our Numbers
Our annual financial statement illustrates the health of Marion County Bank and promotes transparency of our financial status as of December 31, 2023.

Cash & Due from Banks $15,247,607.74
Government Agency Bonds $95,673,897.66
Municipal Bonds $73,726,202.56
Other Equity Securities $9,086,620.00
Total Cash & Securities $193,734,327.96
Loans $453,145,951.27
Reserve for Loan Losses ($2,696,189.71)
Net Loans $450,449,761.56
Other Assets $17,378,078.62
Premises & Fixed Assets $4,281,411.69
Total $665,843,579.83
Deposits Checking Accounts $323,220,531.06
Savings Accounts $168,874,102.30
Time Certificates $88,102,873.68
Total Deposits $580,197,507.04
Other Liabilities $1,311,733.83
Borrowed Money  $31,200,000.00
Capital Stock $782,000.00
Surplus $37,153,291.27
Undivided Profits $15,199,047.49
Total Equity Capital $53,134,338.96
Total $665,843,579.83


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