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Serving You. Building Community.

Serving You. Building Community.


Additional Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Your valuables are safe with us when you store them in a Marion County Bank safe deposit box. We have boxes available in a variety of sizes and prices.

To rent a box:

Phone: Call our customer service department at 641-628-2191
In Person: Visit our Main Bank office to see the different size options and pricing.

(Please be advised that contents of safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured.)


Marion County Bank's Telebank - 641-628-2192

Marion County Bank's Telebank is an automated phone system that you can call any time.  Telebank can assist with balance and transfer information of your bank accounts.  For those who want more details and capabilities, we suggest you look into our free Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking options.  No matter what your technology preference, we've got you covered!


Dial the Telebank number from any phone.  After a brief introduction you will pe presented with a list of options.  Your choices are:

  1. Account Information
    1. Checking
    2. Savings
    3. CD
    4. IRA
    5. Loans
  2. Funds Transfer
  3. Bank Information
  4. More Options
    1. Account Rates
    2. Check Reorder
    3. Report Lost Card
    4. Stop Payment

*Cancel (Return to Previous Menu)

You may "say" or "press" the appropriate number, as shown above on your telephone keypad.  Remember to wait for the beep before speaking.  After you have made your selection you will be asked to enter your account number and security code.  By voice, say each number after the beep.  Your account balance will be played automatically.  It's that simple!

Overdraft Protection

Marion County Bank understands that an overdraft to your checking account can be caused by any number of reasons.  A mistake that results in an overdraft does not necessarily reflect your financial habits.  That’s why we offer three convenient options to help you avoid unwanted overdrafts:

  • Ready Reserve
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Savings Auto Transfer

Ready Reserve

A Ready Reserve acts as a line of credit that is activated when a check or debit that exceeds your current checking account balance is presented for payment.  Funds (up to a predetermined limit) are automatically transferred into your account in increments of $100 to cover the shortfall.  Repayment is easy too!  Monthly payments of $25 or 2% of the credit line balance, whichever is greater, will be automatically deducted from your checking account.  Interest is collected only on the outstanding credit line balance.  Click here for a Ready Reserve application, complete it and return it to one of our Consumer Loan Officers for their prompt review.  

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A HELOC works in much the same way as the Ready Reserve.  But because HELOCs are secured by the equity in your home, their limit amounts can be larger and the interest you pay is usually income tax deductible.  Click here for a HELOC application, complete it and return it to one of our Consumer Loan Officers for their prompt review.

Savings AutoTransfer

A Savings AutoTransfer is an automated transfer of funds from your savings account to cover overdrafts in your checking account.  There is a $3 fee for each transfer.  Visit with one of our Customer Service Representatives for details.

Reorder Checks

Even in this digital age, paper checks are still needed.  Many of Marion County Bank's personal bank accounts offer free checks, some accounts give this benefit for life!  

To order or reorder checks:

  • Online: CLICK HERE to order checks online through our preferred check provider, Deluxe.
  • Phone: Contact our customer service department at 641-628-2191
  • In Person: Stop by Marion County Bank to order your checks in person

Please note that the Deluxe website is not compatible with all internet browsers, specifically IE9.

Check costs vary by the type of checks you select, quantity and bank account type.

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Get help with an existing account or product and check if there are known issues that are receiving attention.

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Congratulations to Rob Judkins on 10 years of service with Marion County Bank! Rob works in our Pella office as a Commercial Loan Officer. If you know Rob, you'll know he has a great sense of humor, and that combined with his dedication to his customers makes us appreciate all he does for Marion County Bank. Congratulations Rob!

Congratulations, Rob!


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Teaching our children to save is one of the best ways we can set them up for a lifetime of financial success, but how do we do that in an engaging way? Start simple and don't overcomplicate it.

Teach Children to Save!


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Today we celebrate Danielle Benge's 5 years of service at Marion County Bank! Danielle is our Lead Loan Processor and works in our Pella office. We appreciate the expertise she brings to our Real Estate department and the fun her personality adds to our team. We enjoy working with you, Danielle. Congratulations!

Congratulations, Danielle Benge!


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Your credit score is one of the most important numbers when it comes to getting a credit card, borrowing money or even renting an apartment, but what exactly is it? How is it calculated? How do you improve it? Check out the pdf below for more insights to understanding and improving your credit score.

How are credit scores calculated?